Our friends at Seattle Public Library put together a reading list just for our production, with plenty of titles to feed your interest before and after the show.

To view a full annotated list and place holds on items visit
Seattle Public Library’s website.

King Charles III
A Future History Play
by Bartlett, Mike
Book - 2015
The script of KING CHARLES III, for your reading pleasure.

Game of Crowns
Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne
by Andersen, Christopher P.
Book - 2016
Like Bartlett in KING CHARLES III, Andersen imagines the day of Queen Elizabeth’s death and speculates on the fate of the monarchy.

Hack Attack
The Inside Story of How the Truth Caught up With Rupert Murdoch
by Davies, Nick
Book - 2014
Learn how an investigative journalist broke up the notorious News of the World phone-hacking enterprise whose extensive network of corruption infiltrated the highest levels of the British government.

The News
A User's Manual
by De Botton, Alain
Book - 2014
A philosopher critiques the role of news in contemporary life and how the media promotes sensation over information. He questions the role the news media plays in our lives.

The Vexing Virtue
by Felten, Eric
Book - 2011
Familial loyalty is a major theme in KING CHARLES III. A writer for The Wall Street Journal, Felten approaches the idea of loyalty from historical as well as cultural, philosophical and personal perspectives.

Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court
by Hardman, Robert
Book - 2012
In celebration of her diamond jubilee, Hardman, columnist for the Daily Mail, produces new material from interview archives and provides in-depth coverage of the queen’s relationship with prime ministers from Winston Churchill to David Cameron.

In Their Own Words
Queen Elizabeth II
DVD - 2015
This PBS DVD features footage of the Queen as she came of age and assumed her royal duties. In addition to her own statements.

Prince Harry
Brother, Soldier, Son
by Junor, Penny
Book - 2014
Prince Harry is a major character in KING CHARLES III, and this biography by English journalist and royal biographer Junor recounts the ups and downs of his young life thus far, including his tumultuous childhood and recent press scandals as well as his charitable works

Born to Be King
Prince Charles on Planet Windsor
by Mayer, Catherine
Book - 2015
This brief biography and character study of the Prince of Wales by a Time magazine journalist provides readers with deeper insight into the life and mind of the protagonist of KING CHARLES III.

Shakespeare's Kings
The Great Plays and the History of England in the Middle Ages, 1337-1485
by Norwich, John Julius
Book - 2001
British playwrights like Bartlett have found inspiration in the monarchy since Shakespeare’s day. Historian Norwich chronicles events of the 14th and 15th centuries that shaped Shakespeare’s history plays and explores the ways the playwright used history in his works.

One Rogue Reporter
DVD - 2015
In this satirical documentary, tabloid reporter Rich Peppiatt turns on his editors and influential figures of the British press, including Rupert Murdoch. Part exposé, full of antics and pranks, the essential question of how the press should be regulated is at the core of Peppiatt’s quest to draw attention to the extent of corruption in the news industry.

The Illustrated History of the Kings & Queens of Britain
The Most Comprehensive Visual History of Every King and Queen of Britain, From Saxon Times Through the Tudors and Stuarts to Today
by Phillips, Charles
Book - 2012
This encyclopedic overview of the history of the British monarchy contains copious illustrations, paintings, photographs, maps, explanatory text and charts.

The Norton Shakespeare
by Shakespeare, William
Book - 2016
In homage to Shakespeare, Bartlett wrote KING CHARLES III in iambic pentameter and included allusions to some of his most famous works, such as Macbeth and Hamlet. Revisit these plays and others with this definitive, acclaimed collection of the Bard's oeuvre.

A Very Short Introduction
by Wacks, Raymond
Book - 2015
A former professor of law discusses, privacy, freedom of information and the public’s right to know. He addresses the risks associated with technology, human behavior, laws of the US and other countries governing the collection and dissemination of information in a thoughtful, compelling manner.

Dial M for Murdoch
News Corporation and the Corruption of Britain
by Watson, Thomas
Book - 2012
Reading like fiction, this fast-paced investigative account propels the reader into the phone hacking and surveillance scandal that rocked Britain and its news industry in 2011.