Our friends at Seattle Public Library put together a reading list just for our production, with plenty of titles to feed your interest before and after the show.

To view a full annotated list and place holds on items visit
Seattle Public Library’s website.

August Wilson's Two Trains Running
by Wilson, August
Book - 2015

The script of TWO TRAINS RUNNING, for your reading pleasure.

August Wilson
American Dream, in Black and White
Streaming Video - 2005

Interviews with Wilson and fellow writers provide insights into the African American experience. Includes scenes from TWO TRAINS RUNNING.

August Wilson
The Ground on Which I Stand

This documentary explores the legacy of Wilson with interviews, dramatic readings and rare footage. Features James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad, Laurence Fishburne and Viola Davis.

Just Above My Head
by Baldwin, James
Book - 2000

A man grieves for his brother in this sweeping family saga set in 1960s Harlem. Baldwin's novel is informed by the power of gospel music, as Wilson's work is of the blues.

Black Fire
An Anthology of Afro-American Writing
Book - 2007

Originally published in 1968, this collection of essays showcases the social and cultural turmoil of the 1960s Black Arts Movement through the eyes of 75 writers and leaders of the period.

Black Magic: Sabotage, Target Study, Black Art
Collected Poetry, 1961-1967
by Baraka, Amiri
Book - 1969

Wilson frequently cited his “Four B’s” of influence: the blues, Borges, Bearden and Baraka, whose writing embraced the political. This collection of poetry focuses on Baraka’s separation from white society’s values.

The Aleph
Including the Prose Fictions From The Maker
by Borges, Jorge Luis
Book - 2004

Borges was another of Wilson’s “Four B’s” of influence. As Mark William Rocha writes in “August Wilson and the Four B’s: Influences,” Wilson’s protagonists “each [conduct] a Borgesean quest to locate or lose a text.”

by Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Music CD - 1988

This classic 1960s album includes the classic blues song “Two Trains Running.” As Ma Rainey says in Wilson’s play “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” “This be an empty world without the blues.”

Essential Chicago Blues Rarities Collection
Music CD - 2014
Music shapes the dialogue and spirit of TWO TRAINS RUNNING. This compilation of 1960s blues includes selections from Sunnyland Slim, James Cotton and Maxwell Street Jimmy (performing “Two Trains Running”).

DVD - 2017

See the feature film of “Fences” from Wilson’s “Pittsburgh Cycle” set in the decade preceding TWO TRAINS RUNNING. Starring Viola Davis and Denzel Washington.

May All your Fences Have Gates
Essays on the Drama of August Wilson
Book - 1994

This collection of literary criticism includes the essay “American History as ‘Loud Talking’ in TWO TRAINS RUNNING” by noted Wilsonian scholar Mark William Rocha.

August Wilson's Twentieth-century Cycle Plays
A Reader's Companion
by Sternlicht, Sanford
Book - 2015

This literary guide examines Wilson’s life as well as the themes, settings and characters in his “Pittsburgh Cycle” (aka “Century Cycle”) plays, which includes TWO TRAINS RUNNING.